Dreaming about Winning International Accolades ?

Dreaming about Winning International Accolades ?

Yes, it is quite possible with DigitCodemy’s guidance

“My destiny seems to be coding,” maintains Palak Dwivedy, from Bethany high, who believes that the appathon journey with DigitCodemy was truly unparalleled for her. The appathon she was talking about is conducted by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA.

It is easy for an untrained eye to get overwhelmed by the various nuances of the judging criteria even if they have some amount of technical know-how. This is where DigitCodemy becomes indispensable. We provided classes that help students ace not only competitions but also help them turn coding into a fun experience that they will remember for life. Thus, young achievers like Palak get specialised training to help them make the best out of their potential.

When asked about her training, Palak says that her attention used to get diverted in classes other than coding, where learnt to focus entirely on the code she was working on.

“I learned a lot in this process. The team was amazing to work with. The mentor was supportive was helpful at every step. I loved the brainstorming sessions and the various modules introduced in the app by the teacher. Its a memorable moment …Coming up with the app idea for the Appathon and the constant and continuous support given by our instructor at any time of the day “ shares Ananya Mahesh, Grade 8, Bethany High Sarjapur happily on publishing her first App in Google playstore

However, she is just one of the many success stories DigitCodemy has produced.

DigitCodemy’s Impressive Performance Record

In summer 2021, DigitCodemy trained students and submitted apps to MIT. Here is a breakdown of how the submissions performed among 1400 participants across 86 countries.
  • A whopping 11 from the 13 apps appeared in the people’s choice awards.
  • 2 apps bagged positions in the coveted top 5 spots. The third prize was secured by the Automobile Organiser and Emergency handler App AutOrGency. It was made by a team of grades 9 and 10. A team of grades 7 and 8 won the fourth position for their app which was created for senior citizens.
  • Under People Choice Awards Category: Harmonized You – Fitness and Health Care App developed by students of Grade 8 won the second prize. The third prize was bagged by Earth Saviour – Oxymonitoring and Pollution Control App built by participants of grades 5 and 6.

How Does DigitCodemy Maintain Its Success?

At DigitCodemy, we recognize the value coding classes and logical thinking can bring to a student’s career. Hence, we offer training sessions that have:

  • Customized Program Success at coding requires a specialized program which ensures focused learning. DigitCodemy does exactly that. We make sure that the student is trained beyond the books, in a way that helps them materialize their ideas.
  • One On One Support When coding, students are bound to run into problems. Hence, we provide support to each student, so that they do not repeat their mistakes. Thus, they are able to identify the root of their problem and make sure that their foundation is rock solid.
  • In-Depth Analysis And Understanding Of The Appathon With its brilliant track record, DigitCodemy knows exactly how the appathon works from the submissions to the judgments. Thus, we help students focus on the right areas so that they can get the best possible results.
  • Start From The Basics Although learning enough to create an app for an international competition sounds fancy, it is also quite doable. We start from the very basics and build up to the required level, in a smooth way that does not compromise on quality.

Hear It From The Horse’s Mouth

When it comes to coding classes, DigitCodemy is the one-stop destination. Here is what some of the previous students have to say about some of their experiences:

  • “It was a joyful experience. I got to learn a lot from the teachers and my teammates. The area in which I loved to work was the research part. Discussing our ideas and sharing our opinions was memorable, ” Saptham, Grade 9, NPS
  • “It was a great learning experience for me as I had just started learning coding. Thankful and grateful to my teacher who provided me with ample support, encouragement and guidance every step of the way,” Trisha Chintan Shah, Grade 7, St. Paul’s English School
  • “It was a wonderful experience and I learnt many new stuff which I was unaware about before.I loved the part where we created our own app and could use different elements to modify the app to make it better.I loved the way we interacted and cooperated with each other. Everyone respected the other person’s opinion and we weren’t bound to stick to one particular idea”’ Pooja Y, Grade 10, National Public School Whitefield Bangalore
  • “It was very fun and exciting to first depict an image of my project in my imagination and then make it. I enjoyed the math game and brainstorming sessions,” Rohit, Grade 7, Delhi public school – Bangalore North
  • “The experience was actually wonderful, learnt new things and also got to make our own app ,we got to work as a team, which was the most important part. Laughing together, spotting each other’s mistakes and correcting them…and so on were also part of our project activity ..”, Sambipa Padhi, Grade 8,Deens Academy

To Wrap Up

For anyone looking for the right kind of international exposure, the Appathon is a golden opportunity. However, it is one among a host of opportunities we, at DigitCodemy, introduce and train students for. If you would like to book any 21st century skill training sessions with us, please contact us here.

Are you interested in learning more about the importance of experiential education programs? 

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