Middle School

Benefit from Digitcodemy’s curated programming fundamentals courses for students in Grade 6,7,8..

How our Middle School coding program works

Our Middle School Program, for Grades 6-8, is made to help kids learn coding fundamentals and start writing real code.

The structure of our online coding classes for kids and interesting engaging curriculum support helps students to learn, have fun, and develop skills over time while parents stay informed of their progress.

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Coding for Intermediate

This course is curated for the Middle school children from Grades 6- 8 with fun and interactive puzzles and games. Advanced programming concepts forms a foundation to learn real-time programming languages.

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Mobile App Development - II

Well-structured, project-centric course designed with the help of unique methodologies

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Scratch to Python

A transition from the fundamentals of Block-Based Programming in Scratch to the simple and easy to use Text-Based Programming in Python.

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Website Development

Students will learn to design and create theme based websites using HTML,CSS and Java Script and publish it

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Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

A project-centric course where children will explore the applications of Artificial Intelligence, train and build Machine learning models and interactive chat-bots.


Experiential learning is the crux of our teaching methodology. It is a blend of technology and experiences of the child. A fun and innovative method of learning.