Appathon Results


We take great pleasure in appreciating the participation of our students in the MIT Appathon 2022 and showcasing excellent performance during the course.

Children worked on Fantastic Themes : United Nation’s Sustainability Development Goals (SDG) : Life below Water, Life on Land, Sustainable Cities and Communities, Quality Education this Appathon.

It was awesome to see children working towards understanding the current real world problems which are not in their academic curriculum yet. More than the awareness they got, it was their keenness on finding a solution for the same , whether small or big , but appreciate the empathy and the meta skills like problem solving, team work, collaboration, communication, social skills developed in the due course of the App Development Programme and the Appathon along with the digital literacy.!

Winning Apps

Main stream 3rd Place

DumpoCean Red !

Theme : Life Under Water

App built by a team of Grade 9 to 12 students to bring about awareness on Ocean Acidification and impact on Marine Life . App also gives you a virtual underwater tour and ocean resources.

Burning of fossil fuel affects Marine life. Want to know How ? The app has a CO2 emission calculator and pH change indicator indicating the consequence on the aquatic life

Team Members

Sukriti Bhartra – Class 11, Bethany High , Bangalore
Srihari G B – Class 10 , Bangalore International Academy , Bangalore
Sushanth Masilamani – Class 10
Sankaranarayanan R – Class 10 Candor International School , Bangalore
Sushanth Masilamani – Class 10, Obra D. Tompkins High School, Katy, Texas, USA

Sukriti Bhartra – Class 11, Bethany High , Bangalore

Srihari G B – Class 10 , Bangalore International Academy , Bangalore
Jayadeep Raghav Vadlapati – Class 12,Narayana Junior College, Tirupati
Sankaranarayanan R – Class 10 Candor International School , Bangalore
Varun karthik Tenepalli– Class 12, Narayana Junior College , Tirupati

Main stream 4th Place

Goals Deck, A Vision - Sustainable Development Goals

Theme : Sustainability Development Goals

To discover, analyze and bring to action the SDG as recommended by the UN. Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) is a”blueprint to achieve a better and more sustainable future for all”.

This app is the first step to bring in awareness of two SDG Goals –

Sustainable Cities and Communities & Peace, Justice and Strong Institution.

Students of Grade 9 and 10 from our proud partner school , Prajna Bharathi Vidyalaya, Bangalore Students worked on building awareness on SDG goals through all means , from Posters , social media messages to Book clubs and even through Games . A perfect App

Team Members

Students of our Proud partner School – Prajna Bharathi Vidyalaya
Vidayshree M – Class 10
Lokesh – Class 10
Ramya J- Class 10
Cheguvara M- Class 10
Manojkumar Hugar – Class 9
Shravanth Kumar J – Class 9
Nandan PU – Class 9
Pavan Kalyan – Class 9
Koushal S – Class 9
Bhuvan M – Class 6
Chandana – Class 12
Manojkumar Hugar – Class 9-Prajna Bharathi Vidyalaya
Pavan Kalyan – Class 9-Prajna Bharathi Vidyalaya
Vidayshree M – Class 10-Prajna Bharathi Vidyalaya

Main Stream - Honorable Mention


Theme : Quality Education

Quality education is the backbone for growth of any society & education policy is the way to attain it.
The National education policy [NEP 2020 ] adopted by the Indian government is also in line with Goal 4 of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDG 2030).
The SDGs 2030 targets to ensure primary & secondary education for all & equal access to quality technical & vocational education .
Majority of Indian students stay in rural areas.
So they are denied access to basic pre primary education due to poverty, lack of infrastructure, non availability of schools in vicinity,
Apathy of parents/guardians towards education etc.
So App “EduRoot ” focuses on the Foundation level of education.
i.e Pre primary & Primary education with special emphasis on Inclusivity.

Team Members

Viraj Vishwanath Marathe
Std 7th
School-Dr K B Hedgewar
Karapur Tisk, Goa, India

People Choice Awards – 3rd Place

Nutri Wiki

Theme : Sustainable cities & communities

MalNutrition amongst children is very common nowadays. A healthy younger generation is an asset to any developing society/city/country.

The App Nutri Wiki is a tiny step to bring awareness about nutritious food and its values. It also highlights the need of bringing out traditional foods that are naturally rich in nutrients.

Team Members

Ishan Sruti Karthik Grade – 5th Std School name – The Brigade School @ JP Nagar
S. SaiCharan Grade 7 School Of India
Aishwarya B Grade 9 BVM GLOBAL @ BENGALURU

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