3 reasons why children should learn coding

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#3 Reasons : Why should children learn Coding and Technology ?


The road to future ahead:

 In earlier generations, the students were competing with only peers in their own class, circle is only classroom.  As years passed, this circle became bigger and bigger as interschool, interstate and National.

And now , the scenario is to compete internationally .Thanks to internet and digital literacy, the student world has shrunk and children from a rural corner of developing country is competing with high tech students from developed countries. This is the current racing track for Generation Z. Is our Child in the right track ?


Computer Science is Foundational:

Every GenZ child should have a chance to learn about algorithms, how to make an app or how the internet works , just like they learn about digestive system, pollination or magnetism.

Future of jobs reported by world economic forum mentions that about 65% of children end up in completely new job types which don’t even exist today . Such is the pace at which the world is changing. So how do we prepare our kids for future ?


Active Creator than a passive consumer :

Coding allows children to create content rather than simply consuming . This is the much needed skill of this generation .  Children are naturally inquisitive and would love to create things. But as they grow old and getting settled into passive learning , they lose that quality and just become a passive consumer.

Being a just consumer is out dated, especially when the entire world is the platform for the kids and not just a locale. The trend is to know more about technology and becoming a creator. So, How do we help our kids to become a  creator than a passive consumer ?

“Tell me , and I will forget. Show me , and I may remember.

 Involve me, and I will understand “

–  Confucius, 450 BC

Children can connect well with things which can be visualized and hands on.  With Coding Experiential learning is the crux of our teaching methodology in DigitCodemy.  Digitcodemy provides the opportunity for  children of all ages and all background to have technology based experiential learning in the form of  various coding programs like creating Puzzle, Apps, Games, Storyboards, Animation and so many.

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