Experiential Coding for High School

When younger kids learn coding , do you want your high school children to be outdated ?

What-if , a coding program which enables your child to be in track with their academics alongside learning technologies?

DigitCodemy offers exclusive coding program for high-school students which ensures:

  • No deviation from their academic track. In fact, we built a training program that supplements their academics by making sure that they work on projects that are relevant to their school.
  • An immersive program that gives them hands-on learning. This would make every concept they learn an experience as opposed to a lesson. Hence, these would become a part of the way they think.
  • Development of algorithmic thinking. Algorithms form the basis of any programming language. By developing these thinking skills, the student can learn any language he or she wants to, in the future.

An Exclusive Coding Program for Grade 9, 10 and 11 .

Why This Program ?

  • Sets a basic foundation for 11th and 12th Computer science subject
  • Exposure to take informed career decision
  • Awareness on current and future jobs which involves coding in every stream even, biology and archaeology

Gift your child an exposure to Coding and Design Thinking !

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Learning Outcome

  • Basic Programming Concepts
  • Coding Fundamentals
  • Computation
  • Academic projects

Meta Skills Developed

  • Algorithmic thinking
  • Logical Reasoning
  • Problem solving
  • Decomposition
  • Planning
  • Project Design


  • Certificate
  • LMS Access for 2 Months
  • 15 Session
  • Fast track(4 days a week) / Regular (2 days a week )
  • Weekdays / Weekends
  • Instructor led interactive classes
  • Pre requisite : Laptop/ PC / desktop with Internet needed
Fees : Rs. 8400/-