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Ellipse 3

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Nutritious Food

Let’s segregate the healthy food from the Junk Food. Click on the food item to make it move to its area.


bunny in the maze

Help the bunny through the maze with hurdles, to eat its food. With arrow keys we can move the bunny.


Ball Shooter Game

Our students wrote the code for a simple game where the player shoots the balls and get the point.


Bee Colour Change

Our students wrote the code which changes the bee colour when it comes in contact with a flower.


April 15, 2023
Workshop on ‘Artificial Intelligence and The Creative Process’ for Middle and High School Students
DigitCodemy, in partnership with Times NIE conducted 21st century skill workshop on the intriguing topic ” Artificial Intelligence and...
April 15, 2023
Why do school children need to know about AI?
School students need to know about AI for several reasons: Future job opportunities: AI is one of the fastest-growing...

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