Advanced App Development With Artificial Intelligence

Animation & Game Development with Scratch Programming
Certificate Programme for Grade 5 to 12

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Certificate Programme
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2 months programme

Artificial Intelligence has always been a term which intrigues people all over the world.
AI is not a well-defined technology and no universally agreed definition exists. It is rather a cover term for techniques associated with data analysis and pattern recognition. AI is not a new technology, having existed since the 1950s. While some markets, sectors and individual businesses are more advanced than others, AI is still at a relatively early stage of development, so that the range of potential applications, and the quality of most existing applications, have ample margins left for further development and improvement. Artificial intelligence is gaining the spotlight across applications in our personal and professional lives. world. We take charge of preparing our students for the future.

Course Overview

  • Database
  • API integration
  • Artificial Intelligence – foundational level
  • Project Centric

Course Highlights

Learning Outcome

  • Cloud and Firebase database
  • Google Integration
  • Extensions & APIs
  • GPS & GIS
  • Data Modelling
  • Image classification
  • Audio classification
  • And More…

Meta Skills

  • Technical skills
  • Algorithmic thinking
  • Logical Reasoning
  • Collaboration
  • Planning
  • 16 sessions – slow pace / crash course
  • Weekdays/ Weekend Batches
  • Certificates
  • Our Student Videos

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    Instant feedback
    Leadership points
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